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Steps To Convert A Video Into A Gif.

Social media platforms accessed over the internet allow people to search, post and share content for various uses to other people on the platforms. The social media platforms allow users to post content of varying formats to others and to also view content posted by other users. Graphics interchange format or commonly known as gifs are looping videos used to express emotions and send messages through different channels. Their short duration of playtime makes them be considered as in-betweens of videos and photos at the same time. The gif could be shared over text messages, email and any other online and social media platforms.

Usually, a gif will be of little size and this makes them very convenient since they save on space and data requirements for users. The gifs have a wide range of application including for fun and for creating adverts to market goods and services for businesses. People make gifs from videos they record from home or videos got from the many online platforms. Most of the gifs are created to make people laugh through looping some parts of a video that users find funny. Gifs are very effective when used for adverts since most users are proved to prefer viewing the gifs as compared to other means of advertisement. It is possible to create gifs from normal videos and it only involves simple steps to produce gifs of good quality.

A gif should be created to cover some subject and as such users have to select a context for that gif. For gifs intended for professional purposes the subject should be in accordance with the goals and objectives of the service providers. The next step involves recording videos based on the subject chosen and this can be done using phones have high-quality cameras. The video may then be edited through special software created to help in converting them to gifs which are available in many platforms.

The software makes it possible to trim videos at any desired point and produce the gif with a short timeframe. To make further modifications to the gif users could get a Photoshop software allowing for such edits to enhance the gif. Photoshop makes it possible to include text messages on the gif and change other properties like color. Users can get videos from other sources such as movies and music videos to make gifs using some online sites offering these services. The users are required to find specific address for the video and paste it on the site and then they get to modify the video to make gifs. The video quality needs to be good to get better gifs.