Methods for Unblocking Websites at Restricted Sites

Do you want to visit your favorite sites from your place of work or your school, but you’re restricted by the network restriction of the place? Here are some simple and effective way to navigate almost every website without trouble through your school or workplace computers. Let’s see how you can unblocked websites that are restricted by local Internet.

Approach 1: Use proxies

Perhaps one of the simplest and most preferred approaches is to use proxies to surf the internet and circumvent blocked websites. By using a proxy to reach the chosen domain, your IP is not available to anyone else on the Web, so it can ensure the security of your browsing. No need to pay is perhaps the most appealing part of using proxies. There are sufficient websites providing proxy surfing. Indeed, there are now a number of browser extensions that allow users to surf through the Internet without any limitations available for free download.

You also have the option of using proxy servers to use a large number of chat messagers in your school or workplace that otherwise would be blocked. Many messengers have an incorporated proxy server that lets you communicate easily, despite being blocked.

Approach 2: Use VPNs

VPN refers to Virtual Private Network. VPNs contribute to the safety of Internet users and make it possible to escape from blockades imposed. The use of VPN has been especially useful to protect credit card numbers and sensitive user information against online hackers. VPNs use cryptography to pave you a quite different way to surf the web. As such, they provide a secure way to unblock websites.

The basis for the success of using a VPN is that VPN masks your actual location while surfing, helping you open blocked websites at your workplace or school. By using VPNs, you will show on the Internet as an Internet user from a different country than your own.

It’s very easy to set up a VPN. The first move is to install one of the most suitable secure VPNs. You can even choose a completely free VPN service with a variation in the range of features. Once the software is downloaded, a variety of database options are available, where each server more or less represents a different country. You can select servers according to the country of the page to be visited as these two need to be aligned. So you can unblock the website that your school or IT department imposes by the use of VPNs and surf the Internet anonymously.

You can also download a VPN on your smartphone or tablet, making it one of the most popular browsing solutions in a region that has a tight website ban.

Approach 3: Use Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf has been proven as extremely useful for people to conquer China’s Great Firewall. The use of Internet Explorer as a default browser allows users to browse the Internet through any of the 3 servers provided by Ultrasurf. This allows users to access almost every blocked page without disturbing the IT team. The Ultrasurf’s three servers also offer great Internet speeds. Another good news is that a number of contemporary web browsers, such as Chrome, now have a special version for Ultrasurf.

Nevertheless, you should not ignore that Ultrasurf actually only operates entirely on Windows. Ultrasurf could not provide an advantage for MAC and Linux users. In addition, Ultrasurf users have often complained that pop-up ads accompanying the program have become increasingly popular. The ability to introduce viruses into the system with the use of Ultrasurf has increased easily.

Of course ways of unblocking websites are note limited to the approaches we have introduced here. There are still more things to be discovered.